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_ep MarketManager applies the same mathmatics that EntryPoint uses to display on the charts to the radar screen data stream . It will then sort the data to bring all the long positions to the top followed by the short positions. _ep MarketManager then displays the number of bars since the last EntryPoint SetUpBar and the number of bars that the price has been above or below the MidTerm MarketSentiment (MTMS). _ep MarketManager also uses the TradeStation Industry Classification that the instrument is associated with and displays the SetUp count and MTMS data for the sector. For you Option Traders there is a SIDE column where you can easily track your call and put info. Double click the corresponding space under the Entry column and enter the price paid and the +/- column will display your profit in real time.

If you place any value on your time
_ep MarketManager, used with the workspace we provide that covers all the major markets, can pay for itself in no time.