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Why One-on-One training for Traders?

The information overload concerning how to trade online has lead to major confusion. What tools really work? In what situations? How much time does it take? Can I trade while I work another fulltime job? How much capital do I need? What type of computer system do I need? Who should I use for a data vendor? Is there an easier way? What can I expect? Will I be a millionaire? What other training is there?
All of these questions and more are answered in your one-on-one training. Remember this program is designed with you in mind, not a room full of 400 people.This is not what might work, this works. We are all full time traders that trade only our own accounts. We are not brokers, we do not have daytrading rooms.
This is not just theory, this is fact. We have doctorates that back up our research and more importantly the trading accounts to back it up. This is not what works for just one person, but for a wide variety of people. We have software is 72 countries and have trained people from all over the world.
This is not based on a feeling but years of experience, hundreds of thousands of dollars in making mistakes that you don't have to and hours worth of time developing a simple, consistent and disciplined methodology. Anyone can learn this, but not everyone will. Very few are willing to do whatever it takes to learn.
Software Solutions offers one on one training that provides the trader with an environment that marries these two factors. While receiving hands on training using the tools needed to online trade, the trader is able to strengthen the skills that he or she already has while developing new skills that will enhance their performance. The goal is for the student to learn a strategy that will work specifically for them.